Why is VIC chosen by so many students?!?!

  • Speaking courses all day

    VIC provides Speaking and Pronunciation courses every block, so you can take these courses all day. If you want to improve your speaking and pronunciation skills, THIS IS IT!

  • Design your own schedule!

    All courses are elective and you can change your classes once a week. Therefore, you can design your own schedule to fit your learning needs. Check our course schedule
    VIC entrance is every Monday
    A 1 week break can be taken if you are a registered VIC student for a minimum of 3 months

    ENGLISH FOR ADULTS Program Detail Start Date
  • All classes are small sized (An average of 10 students per class )

    VIC classes have an average of 10 students (max. 14 students), so that instructors can provide careful attention to each student.

  • Friendly and Experienced advisers are available to support you in your first language!

  • Make more friends and enjoy life in Canada!!

    VIC offers several enjoyable activities every month.
    Day trips ( Victoria, Whistler, Seattle), Rocky Mountain tour, camping, river rafting, ski & snowboard tour, NHL hockey, BBQ, kayaking, sports events, indoor rock climbing, boat cruise, beach volleyball, pub night, ice skating, Halloween party, Christmas party, and more. For more infomation, contact our receptionist.

    Activity Gallery
  • Long break System

    If you are a student on a working holiday visa, you can take a long break within one year from the date of registration.
    (ex. Register for a 20 week program: first 12 weeks at VIC, vacation for 24 weeks, return to VIC for 8 weeks)

    • - Register for : Full time (25 hours / week) for more than 3 months
    • - Give 1 month notice before you take a long break
    *All students can take a 1 week short break every 3 months while registered at VIC

  • Strict English Policy

    You are expected to speak English AT ALL TIMES while at VIC. This includes speaking and listening (ex music)
    If you use any language other than English, you will be given the following warnings:

    1. 1st offense : yellow card
    2. 2nd offense : one-day suspension
    3. 3rd offense : one-week suspension
    If you continue to ignore the English Only Policy after the one-week suspension, you will not be promoted to the next level or receive certification.
    As well, VIC reserves the right to expel you from the college permanently.
    More policies below.

  • VIC Free Seminars

    VIC students or alumni students can attend the seminars
    Useful information for students on working holiday visa will be provided
    The seminars are held once per month on a Friday at 1:00PM

    Job Seminar
    Advice for preparing resumes
    Fixing resumes
    Free printing of resumes and other related documents
    Advice on finding a job
    Learning useful English vocabulary and conversation skills
    Canadian Life Advice Seminar
    About Vancouver in Canada
    How to find an apartment
    Useful English conversation
    How to make an appointment
    Knowledge of law in general
    Information regarding the Residential Tenancy Act
    (Solving rental problems)