VIC Staff

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Melissa Macdonald
College Director

On behalf of Vancouver International College (“VIC”), I would like to say “Hello”! My name is Melissa, and I am the College Director at VIC. Choosing the right school and location for your education can be exciting, confusing and sometimes overwhelming. For over 16 years, VIC has helped students discover the programs and provided the support that best meets their educational, cultural and personal needs. Our team of friendly advisors are available to meet students one-on-one and provide personalized academic advising in multiple languages whenever you need it. Our TESL-Canada Certified instructors use a set curriculum that is student-centred, engaging, academic and useful. At VIC, we make it our goal for our students to feel confident, comfortable and happy. Whether you come for 2 weeks or a year, you will become a part of our family of staff, instructors and students, and find yourself surrounded with support as you work to reach your educational goals. I look forward to introducing you to all VIC has to offer. Welcome to VIC!

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Shigeo Haseyama
Sales & Marketing Director

Hi. My name is Shigeo. I'm the Sales & Marketing Director at VIC and I'm very excited to meet you. A long time ago I came to Canada as a student so I think I know how you may be feeling now! But don't worry, the staff at VIC is warm and friendly and we are here to help you settle into your new life in Canada.

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Eric Hofer
English for Children & Families Program Director

Hi! My name is Eric and I am the English for Children & Families Program Director at VIC. I’m looking forward to meeting you all in Vancouver. I hope that I can help make your stay here convenient and exciting. Most importantly I will do my best to ensure that your time with VIC is an unforgettable experience for your entire family. I have many years of experience teaching children and I am sure that I can help you discover English in Vancouver.

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Laura Dávila Pinal
Latin & Mexican Advisor

Hello, my name is Laura and I am the Latin Student Advisor. I am happy to talk to students from all nationalities, and help them adjusting to their new life in Canada. VIC is the best option to learn English and we are here to help you achieve your goals. You can make friends from many different countries and have the best time of your life with us. Welcome to Vancouver! Welcome to VIC!

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Rafaela Freitas
Brazilian Sales & Marketing Manager / Advisor

Hi! My name is Rafaela. I’m the Brazilian Sales & Marketing Manager at VIC. I’m here to help you as much as I can to have the best experience as possible in Vancouver and at VIC. If you have any question about our programs, volunteer opportunities, life in Vancouver and places you must visit, just come and talk to me I’ll be happy to help you! Welcome to VIC’s family!

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Chongmi Park
Korean Sales & Marketing Manager / Advisor

Hi! My name is Chongmi and I’m the Korean Sales & Marketing Manager at VIC. When I came to Canada, I took ESL programs just like you! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You can always come and see me if you are already in Vancouver. Let’s build unforgettable memories in Vancouver while you improve your English skills!

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Saleem Nashef
Middle Eastern & North African Marketing Manager / Advisor

Hi! My name is Saleem and I’m the Middle East and North Africa Marketer. I started as an ESL student, then a college student and eventually settled down in Vancouver. I’m happy to assist students in their first step to mastering a new language. Set your goals, take steps and eventually you will achieve them. Feel free to come talk to me about life in Vancouver, career choices, soccer, or anything you need. Welcome to VIC!

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Ayano Nakatani
Japanese Advisor

Hi my name is Ayano, and I am the Japanese counselor at VIC. If you have any questions or problems, I am here to help you. VIC is a friendly place where students feel safe and comfortable. I hope you have a wonderful time in Canada while studying English. Welcome to Vancouver and VIC!

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Lily Huang
Accounting & Finance Manager / Advisor

Hi! My name is Lily and I am the Accounting & Finance Manager at VIC. I am excited to welcome our new and returning students to our amazing school and to Vancouver. I have experience in living and studying abroad so I look forward to speaking and sharing my experiences with you. I know you will excel in English studies and make us proud. Welcome to Vancouver and welcome to VIC!

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Ana Mejia
Student Services & Homestay Coordinator

Hi! My name is Ana and I am the Student Services and Homestay Coordinator. I have lived in Vancouver my whole life so you can come to me if you have any questions about our beautiful city and things to do while you are here. I am also here to help you with any other questions you may have, so feel free to contact me in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Enjoy your time at VIC!

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Anna Egan
ECF Coordinator

Hello! My name is Anna and I am the English for Children and Families Program Coordinator. My aim is to make your stay at VIC an enjoyable one for the whole family. Whether you are here on vacation, or planning to move here, I am excited to be a part of your Vancouver experience!

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Nayi Choi
Korean Advisor

Hi! My name is Nayi Choi and I’m the Korean Student Advisor. I’m so excited to meet and assist all of you to achieve your goals in Canada. Please come and talk to me if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to help you. Welcome to VIC!

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Lilian Karam
Brazilian Advisor & Front Desk

Hi! My name is Lilian. I’m the student advisor for the Brazilian students and also the Front Desk Representative. I’ll do everything I can to help you settle in and have the best time at VIC and in Vancouver. Come to me to ask questions, request things or just to say HI! I’ll love having you around!