VIC Policy

  • English Only

    You are expected to speak English at all times while at VIC. This includes speaking and listening (ie: music)
    you use any language other than English you will be given the following warnings:

    1. 1st offense : yellow card
    2. 2nd offense : written warning
    3. 3rd offense : one-week suspension
    If you continue to violate the English Only Policy, VIC reserves the right to refuse certification.

  • Attendance

    You are expected to attend classes 100% of the time. If you are going to be absent from a class, you must notify the school before (telephone 604-893-8423), and/or bring a doctor's note the next time you come to the school. Without notifying the college or without a doctor’s note, you will be considered absent.
    If you are absent up to 3 times within a 4-week period, you will be given the following warnings:

    1. 1st offense : warning letter
    2. 2nd offense : written warning
    3. 3rd offense : one-week suspension
    VIC reserves the right to disallow certification, promotion to new levels and to expel you from the college permanently if your attendance is deemed a serious, continuing problem.

  • Lateness

    You are expected to be on time for classes. AM students arriving 10 minutes past class start time will not be allowed to enter until after break time, and PM students arriving 5 minutes past class start time will not be allowed to enter the class at all.
    If you are late 6 times within a 4-week period you will be given the following warnings:

    1. 1st offense : warning letter
    2. 2nd offense : written warning
    3. 3rd offense : one-week suspension
    A combination of lateness and poor attendance may result in warnings, suspensions and/or the loss of certification from VIC.

  • Computer Use

    Use of the computers and internet service is available to all registered VIC students. You may use the computers during the following times:

    • Before class : 8:00 - 8:55AM
    • Lunch : 12:00 - 1:00PM
    • After class : 3:30 - closing
    If you have a study break during the day, you are permitted to use the computers for English study if a class does not otherwise need them. If there are students waiting to use the computers, time will be limited to 15 minutes per student.
    *You may not use the computers during class breaks.

  • Study Breaks

    • After 3 consecutive months of study 1 week
    • After 6 consecutive months of study 2 weeks
    You may request a break based upon special circumstances such as financial hardship or extreme personal reasons. It is at the discretion of the Director as to whether the special request is approved.
  • Change Classes

    If you would like to change a class, you must fill out a form and return it to your counselor one week in advance. The deadline for class changes is every Tuesday of the week.
    Exceptions for a request for a class change are choice of teacher, self promotion, or too much class work.
    It will be at the discretion of the counselor or director as to whether special requests are approved.

  • Certification

    VIC will issue certificates only to students who have met the criteria and standards of the college. Satisfactory completion of a course of study at Vancouver International College will also include attitude and behavior as set out in the VIC Policy.
  • Withdrawal Policy For Individual Courses

    Students are strongly advised to complete all courses in which they enroll and should not withdraw from any course unless it is absolutely necessary.
    The following policy applies to students who drop a course or courses but maintain an enrolled status within VIC:
    • Obtain, complete, and sign a course withdrawal form
    • Ask the instructor to sign and date the form
    • Submit the signed form within 24 hours to VIC administration
    No credit will be extended in the form of additional educational hours or financial compensation. The decision to withdraw from individual courses is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Admission Policy

    Vancouver International College is committed to providing accurate information and guidance to prospective students to ensure they make informed decisions about their program of study. Vancouver International College’s admission criteria are well publicized and applied consistently. Entry assessment tools ensure that students are placed in a level consistent with their skills and abilities. Admission requirements may not be waived by either the student nor Vancouver International College.

    Prior to admission, students must obtain health insurance and provide copies of the following documents:
    • valid passport
    • valid visa (if applicable)
    • valid study permit (if applicable)
  • Dismissal Policy

    Students are expected to meet and adhere to the Code of Conduct set out in this policy while completing a program of study at Vancouver International College. If necessary, students should request clarification from the Director of Academics. “Student” means a person who is presently enrolled at Vancouver International College, including students participating in work experience placements.

    While on Vancouver International College premises or in the course of activities or events hosted by Vancouver International College students:
    • must comply with all applicable Vancouver International College policies, including the Attendance Policy;
    • must treat all students and staff with respect and must not engage in physically aggressive, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or otherwise offensive behaviour;
    • must not steal, misuse, destroy or deface Vancouver International College property;
    • must not consume, possess or distribute alcohol or controlled or restricted substances; and
    • must not contravene any provision of the Canadian Criminal Code or any other federal, provincial, or municipal statute or regulation
    The above list sets out examples of prohibited conduct. It is intended to help students understand the type of conduct that will be subject to discipline and is not exhaustive. Students who violate the Code of Conduct will be subject to the procedures and discipline outlined below, which may include immediate dismissal from the institution.