Online Test

1. Vancouver ... very beautiful.

is are has

2. He ... like hockey very much.

don’t doesn’t hasn’t

3. How ... does a ticket cost?

many much more

4. There ... a restaurant next to the school.

is are have

5. I ... think so.

doesn’t haven’t don’t

6. Fernando can’t … soccer. He’s broken his foot.

to play playing play

7. … some more sushi?

Would you like Do you like You’d like

8. How … is Vancouver from Los Angeles?

near far close

9. Have you ever … to Whistler?

seen went been

10. … any grocery stores around here?

Is there Are there Isn’t there

11. Last week we … to the Rocky Mountains.

go went goes

12. I ... the food at that restaurant.

doesn’t like haven’t liked didn’t like

13. Last year, I … say a few words in English.

can could might

14. My friend ... never been to an NHL hockey game.

hadn’t haven’t has

15. Ana … her transit pass.

is losing loses has lost

16. ... ever seen a grizzly bear?

Did you Have you Do you

17. If I were rich, I ... buy a hobby farm.

will shall would

18. ... you mind helping me?

Could Would Can

19. They ... pass their TOEFL test if they study hard.

wouldn’t will do

20. To protect your health, you need to stop ...

to smoke smoke smoking

21. When Jorge arrived at Stanley Park, Tomoko ...

already left has already left had already left

22. If I ... to Canada, I wouldn’t have met Jesse.

didn’t go haven’t gone hadn’t gone

23. By the time you get this postcard, I ...

will have left am going to leave must have left

24. I live in Florida, ... is often hit by hurricanes.

that which where

25. You’ve heard about the pronunciation program at VIC, ...

didn’t you? have you haven’t you?

26. Women now ... almost half the labor force.

making up do make make up

27. Jessica forgot ... the lights before she left.

turn off turning off to turn off

28. It’s no use ... to Louise. She doesn’t listen!

to speak spoke speaking

29. By tomorrow evening, ... about twenty email messages.

I will have sent I’ll sent I’d send

30. If only I ... to Victoria instead of staying home.

went had gone did go

31. Were you hooked on candy as a child? (Response)

Yes, and I wished I hadn’t. Yes, and I wished I hadn’t been. Yes, and I wish I hadn’t been.

32. Feng shui is an Eastern practice. ..., it’s becoming very popular in the West.

plus however as a result

33. It takes ... discipline to fast for a month.

a great deal of a great many many

34. Not only ... to London but she also visited Paris.

she went went she did she go

35. He was thought ... the disease in China.

to catch to caught to have caught

36. There’s no point ... staying up all night!

on with in

37. In my company only executives are eligible ... share option schemes.

for with to

38. This weekend, I’m going to take a trip to ... Rockey Mountains.

a the these

39. While I was in Jasper skiing, my sister ... ill and I had to come home.

had fallen fell had fell

40. I got to work this morning and was angry when I saw no one ... yet.

arrived had arrived will arrive