How To Register

  1. 1. Online registration

    1. You fill out the online registration form.
    2. Our regional academic adviser will send you a confirmation on Email.
  2. 2. Payment

    1. After VIC receives your registration form, we will send an invoice to you.
    2. You send your fees to VIC by:
      • a. Bank Transfer (Electronic funds transfers)
        Bank name TD Bank SWIFT BIC TDOMCATTTOR
        Bank Address 1055 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V7X 1P3
        Account Name Vancouver International College of English Inc.
        Account Number 95120-004-0910-342156
      • b. Bank Draft or Money Order
        Mail or courier to this address:
        Vancouver International College
        2nd Floor 549 Howe Street, Vancouver BC Canada V6C 2C2
      • c. Personal Cheque
        If you have a Canadian or US bank account, you can pay your fees by personal cheque.
  3. 3. Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

    • VIC will send you a Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
      If you plan to apply for a Study Permit, you will need a LOA.
    • You will recieve your host family information before you leave your country
      If students request the service from school
    • You must send your flight information to VIC two weeks prior your arrival
      If students request the service from school
  4. 4. Start a new life with VIC

    1. Take a placement test and be given an orientation on your first day of school

If you have questions about a registration, feel free to contact us by phone (1-604-893-8423) or email